Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is NuisAnce day.....

Yesterday evening, Ah Pang and me went to bazaar ramadan at pantai batu buruk to buy something to eat. When we on our way home, something ridiculous happened...... AN ACCIDENT.

Normally , an accident is nothing special to discuss about it, but we have an 'interesting' accident. While we are entering the roundabout, a car from inside the roundabout suddenly accelerate and bang our car. Then i go down to ask why he bang our car. The answer that i expected is something like : " sorrry, i don mean it" or " Sorry, i din notice your car"... BUT guess what... He told me that : ' SAYA SENJAYA NAK LANGGAR KERANA KAMU LAMBAT!!!" WHAT THE... then he challengen me ..

then i called the police straight away and inform lin keong and thomas for help... While i was making the calls , that bastard yell at Ah Pang and said that: "KAMU CINA BALIK RUMAH LA! "

After that , we bring this matter to the police station. When we are in the Inspector's room, we had some arguments with the stupid malay guy. He create lots of IDIOT stories... Hahaha.. For examples, he said he supposedly shout that line : "KAMU CINA BALIK RUMAH LA" so that we will move away so that we dont get hit by the groups of Malay Guy there.... HAHAHA.. I think he din even finish his primary school. Sad case... Pity him... Then we talk with the inspectors in English cause that guy keep interrupt us when we speak in bahasa malayu... surprisingly , he din even understand every single words that we speak...

In the end , the case settle by we fix our own car and he fixes his because Ah Pang do not have advantage in term of law.... Somemore his car had more damages than ah Pang's car..

this is the picture of that stupid car..... if anyone find this car, please inform me straight away.. thank you..

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